This is the private wing of the hospital when patients to access quality patient centred care with confidentiality being a top priority.

Patients accessing our comprehensive specialised care clinics for adults and children are attended to by highly specialised experienced consultants and have access to follow up care.

The department has 20 Renal Dialysis Units that operates 24 hours and is manned by highly skilled Renal Specialists.

KUTRRH has a rehabilitative devices shop that stocks orthopaedic assistive devices such as wheelchairs, crutches, tripods

KUTRRHs’ rehabilitative services include, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Ortho-Trauma services, Speech and Language therapy.

We improve lives by preventing disease, protecting the public, staff and visitors against environmental hazards, and promoting health and education.

Our Psychiatric Clinic manages mental illnesses ranging from depression to psychotic disorders while taking a holistic approach to care.

The hospital features for pharmacies, namely Main, Oncology and Specialised Clinics Pharmacies.

Pediatric Surgical outpatient clinics is a specialized clinic that perform surgeries on neonates and children with congenital defects or abnormalities.

Our Comprehensive Cancer Care Centre is fully equipped with the latest state of the art equipment for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology, typically called Maternity Services, takes care of the pregnant woman, her unborn child and problems related to the reproductive system.

The nutrition & dietetics department acts within the multidisciplinary healthcare team to ensure that patients receive appropriate nutritional care in all clinical areas.

In KUTRRH we believe in the preservation of mental health, destigmatization and promotion of awareness of mental illnesses.

We offers Medical Social Work Services such as social-economic assessments, home visits and follow-ups, reintegration of abandoned patients in the wards, NHIF sensitisations…

Hematology & Blood Transfusion Services, Clinical Chemistry Histopathology and Cytology, Molecular biology, Microbiology, Parasitology and Immunology.

Our Maxillofacial surgery services entail operations to correct defects, injuries, or diseases, on the head, face, neck, mouth, and jaw.

The Imaging department helps identify abnormalities and assists doctors in offering correct diagnoses and treatment of disease by revealing what lies beneath the skin.

We have a 60+ ICU & HDU bed capacity and A 15-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) making us one of the largest Critical Care Unit in the country.

The KUTRRH HOME AFYA program is a home-based care program targeting COVID patients. Ensures patients receive relevant healthcare right at the convenience of their home.

ENT services treat patients with a broad spectrum of diseases ranging from major head and neck procedures to ear microsurgery.

The combination of specialised skills and sophisticated technology makes our dental services experience more enjoyable than dreadful.

The chaplaincy department offers emotional and spiritual care to the staff, patients and patient’s families

The Cath lab services at KUTRRH have automated a catheterization laboratory, commonly known as a Cath lab and staffed by a team of various specialists led by a cardiologist.

Our catering services include inpatient and outpatient catering, restaurants, boardroom services, and the IMIC Hospitality Centre.

The heart unit has precise cardiac investigative equipment and the relevant specialists for around the clock patient care service.

The new Breast Care Center for Excellence (BCCE) provides comprehensive breast care. It goes beyond breast cancer screening and treatment.

Ambulance Services and crew are an essential part of the Accident and Emergency department.

The Accident & Emergency department undertakes both medical and surgical emergencies with a focus on saving lives.