The KUTRRH Wound care unit was started in January 2021 led by a wound care/stoma specialist. Since then, the team has grown to 8 wound care nurses with different sub-specializations.

• Stoma continence
• Oncology wound care
• Trauma wound care
• Wound care & stoma continence specialists.

The clientele has increased both in the wards and in the outpatient special clinic which runs every week from Monday to Friday, seeing an average of 35-40 patients per day. Over 10,000 patients have been served since the team’s inception.The various wounds managed at our clinic for both outpatient and inpatient clients include:

• burns,
• chronic venous arterial ulcers,
• malignant wounds,

• degloving traumatic wounds,
• diabetic foot ulcers,
• grafted ulcers,
• marjolin ulcers,

• pressure injuries.

The wound care clinic is committed to treating acute and chronic wounds through a multidisciplinary approach in terms of advanced wound care management, including surgical intervention from a team ofPlastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic surgeons.KUTRRH offers the best modern wound care therapy options which include:

• Maggot therapy
• VAC therapy (NWPT)
• Top closure
• Advanced dressing materials
• Care of advanced interventions e.g.tissue flaps, skin grafts injuries.

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