Data Privacy Statement

Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH) is committed to protecting the privacy of patient information and to responsibly handling your personal information and accordance with the Kenya Data Protection Act, 2019, Data Protection (General) Regulations, 2021, Data Protection (Complaint Handling Procedure and Enforcement) Regulations, 2021, Data Protection (Registration of Data Controllers and Data Processors) Regulations, 2021 and the Data Protection (Civil Registration) Regulations, 2020.

With your consent, we collect necessary and relevant Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as name, address, date of birth, gender, next of kin, bank details, and contact details, as well as Personal Health Information (PHI), including the past, present, and future health status of patients, students/trainees, and staff to provide you with healthcare, training, and research or employee services.

The Hospital may collect or process the personal information of third parties that access the Hospital premises/services, including CCTV footage, gate records, or electronic identifiers, for security and traceability.

Your personal information as a patient, employee, student/trainee, or third party may be processed, stored, or transmitted electronically or manually, for quality patient-centered care, employee or training services, or upon the lawful order of any competent authority, or by virtue of the mandate of the Hospital, as an employer and as a medical institution. Their disclosure and sharing shall only be upon your consent, or as required by law, with relevant private or public persons, offices, or entities.

We will not transfer your personal information to an overseas recipient unless we have your consent or are required to do so by law.

If you have a complaint about the privacy of your personal or health information, we request that you contact at +254 800 721 038/1558 (toll-free), Upon receipt of a complaint, we will consider the details and attempt to resolve it in accordance with our complaints handling procedures.
KUTRRH treats all PII and PHI based on lawfulness, fairness, and transparency; purpose limitation; data minimization; accuracy; storage limitation and data localization; integrity; confidentiality, and accountability.

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