Medical Innovation & Accelerator Hub

KUTRRH has operationalised the Medical Innovation & Accelerator Hub (MIAH) in an event graced by CS., ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs, Joe Mucheru.Disruptive innovation and entrepreneurship are central to quality, accessible and universal healthcare locally and globally. The mission of KUTRRH has innovation at heart, “to enhance the quality of lives through the provision of patient-centred and evidence-based health care, training, innovation and state of the art technology”.

The Hub is poised to offer disruptive Innovations in:

  • Spotting Diagnostics
  • Therapeutics
  • Healthcare Devices
  • Healthcare Services
  • Healthcare Equipment

Medical Innovation & Accelerator Hub

Innovators' Application Process

Disruptive innovation and entrepreneurship are central to quality, accessible and universal healthcare locally and globally.

Online Application
We accept applications to incubate high-value medical innovations from students, staff, academia, industry and the general community.
KUTRRH has Medical Innovation and Accelerator Hub provides a program for development, adoption and diffusion of high-value innovations
Drive ideas into healthcare solutions including diverse expertise to grow and mature the ideas, tools and equipment for product development.


Apply ...

Are you an investor looking for an exciting opportunity to invest in? Are you passionate about supporting budding innovators and entrepreneurs in the medical and healthcare landscape?



Do you have an innovative idea, or a creative solution that can help solve a Medical and Healthcare problem? We can’t wait to transform such noble ideas into products!


Levi Cheruo's Innovation

Doctors Explain FM Is a Patient Education & Management System that Enhances Caregivers’ Work-Life Balance and Patients’ Convenience.

Healthcare Services & Products

Loise Ngugi's Innovation

E-Tiba is a home-health care service providing platform that offers convenient and affordable care to the terminally-ill and aged patients. The platform is crucial in connecting those unable to access hospital services to home-healthcare givers.

Medical Devices

Emmanuel Wekesa's Innovation

Amphigen Innovation is a Novel Approach in Wound-Care Management. It focuses on developing smart bandages, hydrogens, and biomedical sponges.

Health-care products

Suzzyanne Miriti's Innovation

Nutrie-kid. is a low cost, nutrient dense, efficient and effective ready to use therapeutic food (RUTF) for management of malnutrition in children.

Healthcare Products

Collins Kulei's Innovation

Bluvig is a live microbe-based organic larvicide designed for efficient control of mosquito population at breeding sites in heavily infested areas. It comes with smart breeding site survey and analysis service.

Medical Devices

Stephen Katona's Innovation

Smart glasses is an innovation which enhances the mobility and efficiency of the visually impaired in the both the work and home environment.

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