We have several outlets and production areas that enable us to perform our mandate of providing Food and beverages within the hospital.

The department is headed by a Catering Manager assisted by Deputy Catering Manager who leads two main functions (Inpatient and outpatient catering). Our operations are mainly Guided by Hospital Catering Policy.

We adhere to all statutory and in-house rules and regulations. Our kitchens have modern and state-of-the-art equipment which helps with fuel reduction, food safety, hygiene, safe production time, and ease of service.
Food vending and food from outside is not allowed in the hospital even for patients admitted.

Catering Outlets.

1. Inpatient kitchen.

This kitchen caters mainly to patients admitted to the hospital. All food and beverage production happens here and covers meals from breakfast which is served from 5 am to 7 am, AM tea and snack, Lunch, Pm tea and snack, Dinner, and late-night Tea.

In this kitchen we have:

  • Diet kitchen where all therapeutic meals are prepared and cooked according to nutritional descriptions.
  • Pastry and bakery where all snacks for hospital consumption are produced.
  • A cold kitchen where fruits and salads are prepared.
  • A hot kitchen where normal meals are produced.
  • The main Food store, where we have both freezer and cold rooms, and also dry stores for our menu ingredients.
  • Main service point where food is plated and transported directly to patient’s bedside.

To customize service and ensure satisfaction we take food orders from patients one day before according to their preference.  Dieticians work hand in hand with chefs to ensure patients’ dietary needs are taken care of. This kitchen operates 24hrs.

2. Restaurants and Boardroom services.

In this kitchen we have two Main restaurants namely: –

  • Batian (public restaurant) where members of the public buy and consume their meals of preference
  • Lenana (staff restaurant) where members of staff buy and consume their meals
  • Hospital Guests are catered for in various boardrooms if the management requests for service through official booking which should be duly approved by our Director.
  • The restaurants currently operate from 7 am to 8 pm to meet our client’s needs.
  • Our meals are client friendly putting into consideration the dietary needs of those on clinical review and requiring therapeutic meals.

3. IMIC Hospitality Centre.

This is a hotel dedicated to patients who wish to stay within hospital premises as they continue with their treatment and review. Here patients both international and local are booked in and during their stay, we give all the hospitality services accordingly.

Learn more about how you can Stay In Our Comfortable Hotel

The burden of having to book hotels away from the hospital is reduced to zero and therefore they concentrate fully on treatment which happens on time.

  • The hotel features various ranging from single rooms, double rooms, and apartments.
  • We also have state of art Gym, Modern Landry among other amenities.
  • This facility operates 24 hrs.
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