The nutrition & dietetics officers acts as a consultant within the multidisciplinary healthcare team to ensure that patients receive appropriate nutritional care in all specialist clinical areas.

Our services comprise clinical development, implementation, evaluation and education. The department focuses solely on all therapeutic patients who need nutritional intervention. With the help of the clinical dieticians/ nutritionists, proper care is given and an individualized approach is planned in terms of providing a nutritional care plan suited to the patient’s medical treatment.

In-Patient Clinical Nutrition Care

Clinical Nutrition provides comprehensive nutrition care to patients admitted under the services of any discipline. The patients are screened for nutritional risk on admission by the admitting nurse, those established to be at risk are referred for nutritional therapy consultation.

Dietitian /Nutritionist does the nutritional assessment and identifies nutritional deficiencies or malnutrition. Nutritional modifications and individualized recommendations for nutritional management and implementation of therapeutic diets within the hospital are made. Dietitians/nutritionists can discuss nutritional needs for home use with the family and can provide education on normal nutrition and any modifications that may be needed for special diets. The dietitian/nutritionist works hand-in –hand with catering to provide therapeutic meals to the patients.

Out-Patient Clinical Nutrition Care

The Nutrition Consultation Clinic at KUTRRH provides medical nutrition therapy/ nutrition
consultations, which can assist in the treatment of:

  • Dyslipidemia,
  • Adult and Pediatric weight management,
  • Hypertension,
  • Diabetes Gestational Diabetes,
  • Renal insufficiency
  • Other medical conditions related to nutrition and diets.

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