The Pharmacy Department is responsible for monitoring the supply of all pharmaceuticals used in the hospital. It is in charge of purchasing, processing, dispensing and quality testing the medication stock.

The suppliers of the drugs and other pharmaceuticals are adequately vetted to ensure the best are supplied. Moreover, they are well stocked with enough varieties of drugs to cater to specific patient needs.

The Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Technologists who run the department are qualified and have extensive experience in their field. The department is committed to providing the best service to all patients to ensure good health outcomes.

The hospital features for pharmacies, namely:

  • Main Pharmacy: Serves various clinical departments, both inpatient and outpatient services such as renal, theatres and wards.
  • Oncology Pharmacy: Provides chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients.
  • Accident & Emergency Pharmacy: Services the emergencies as well as outpatient prescriptions.
  • Specialised Clinics Pharmacy: Services patients accessing health care from the Specialised Clinics such as Cardiology, Chest, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Neurology Paediatrics and Child Health, and among others.