About A&E

The Accident and Emergency department entrance is strategically located on the left-wing of the main hospital building. It is easily accessible by ambulances and private vehicles.

The accident and emergency department is functional 24/7. We treat all emergencies that present to the department using state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Per Article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya, we provide emergency medical treatment to all patients. You do not require a referral to access emergency services.

Our department receives an average of 40,000 patients annually. We accept referrals from the East African region as well as locally.

The emergency room staff are highly specialised and comprise emergency nurses and doctors, all working towards restoring your good health.

Their main goal is to evaluate the patient, conduct the required emergency intervention in consultation with the relevant on-call specialists, and stabilise patients before moving to other departments.

Our department has 4 resuscitation beds, 8 observation beds, and 8 consultation rooms.

Services at the department are supported by a 24-hr A&E laboratory service, A&E Pharmacy, and an A&E X-ray Unit.

The A&E department houses the following units:

  • Adult Emergency Unit
  • Pediatric Emergency Unit
  • Adult Outpatient Department
  • Pediatric Outpatient Department
  • Emergency response – ACLS Ambulance services
  • Helipad for evacuations

Quality Patient-Centred Care

Upon arrival at the accident and emergency unit, a nurse will assess you as you settle on an examination couch. The triage nurse is uniquely trained to pick up on signs that deem your condition more time-sensitive than others. This way, you will be prioritised according to the severity of your illness. Our triage system ensures that all emergencies are attended to promptly.

We strive to ensure all our emergency patients are attended to within 10 minutes of arrival at the department. In this way, we can provide the best possible medical care to our often severely injured patients. However, priority is given to the more acute life-threatening conditions.

We have round-the-clock access to a wide range of health care specialists and diagnostic equipment.

Our helipad guarantees the fastest possible care for seriously injured patients who require super specialised services that are not available at our facility.

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