Our main goal is to improve lives by preventing disease, protecting the public, staff and visitors against environmental hazards, and promoting health and education. To achieve the above goal, the team at KUTRRH works together with other departments.

It performs the following key activities:

  • Implement and ensure that there is quality, safe and adequate food and water;
  • Effective health care waste management;
  • Health education and promotion;
  • Implementing sanitation and hygiene standards in the Hospital;
  • Inspection for preventive maintenance in the Hospital;
  • Disease surveillance;
  • Occupation safety and health;
  • Identifying environmental health issues;
  • Implementing vector, vermin and rodent control measures;
  • Implementing integrated mosquito control strategies;
  • Participating in research, teaching and supervising the performance of both medical and non-medical staff as well as students.

The team is guided by the following public health regulations: Public health Act Cap 242; Food, Drugs and Chemical Substances Act Cap 254; Environmental Management and Coordination Act 1999; Malaria Control Act; Tobacco Control Act; and WHO regulations.

Let’s work together to ensure KUTRRH is a premier National Referral Hospital that provides quality health care and habitable environment for all.

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