Directorate info

The Directorate of Administration and Corporate Services offers technical and professional guidance to administrative functions of the hospital. It is responsible for providing leadership, oversight and direction for the smooth, effective and efficient operation of the department and hospital at large. The directorate offers support to the executive to ensure that the Hospital operates per the organisation’s mission. Moreover, the department develops and fosters effective collaboration between various departments, staff leadership and other affiliated services to ensure an integrated approach to providing services and fulfilling the Hospital’s vision, mission and mandate.

Other responsibilities of this directorate include:

  • To oversee the hospital’s physical facilities and be responsible for the maintenance of all facilities and equipment.
  • To set the organisation’s culture.
  • Oversee the creation of referral networks to ensure effective and smooth patient care and operations
  • Foster strong partnerships and networks to facilitate the development of a comprehensive health care system.
  • Ensure that the Hospital is accredited nationally and internationally.
  • Represent the hospital in professional forums and compliance with regulatory and statutory bodies
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