Directorate info

  • Director Mr. Edward Omondi
  • Deputy Director(s) Mrs. Mary Kariuki
    Ms. Jackline Tindi

Directorate of Nursing Services

The Directorate of Nursing Services exists to provide leadership, oversight and coordination of the nursing services department, its operations, and services quality in collaboration with the Directorate of Clinical Services. Nursing care plays a pivotal role in the provision of patient-centred healthcare. With this in mind, this directorate offers leadership in the determination of clinical and administrative nursing and paramedical goals and direction. This includes formulation and enforcement of nursing service policies, procedures and practices in the hospital that meet international standards.

The prevailing organisation culture drives the ability to maintain quality service delivery. As such, the directorate enforces a team-based, fact-based, and customer-based culture that is driven by collaborations, mutual respect and understanding. Moreover, it oversees the planning and availability of all resources required in the nursing department. It is also tasked with the oversight of continuous quality service improvement and patient safety. Part of continuous quality improvement is creating an opportunity for nursing research and training in collaboration with local, regional and global institutions.

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