Directorate info

  • Director Dr. Victor Njom
  • Deputy Director(s) Dr. Onyimbo Kerama

Directorate of Clinical Services

The Directorate of clinical services is an instrumental department in the hospital that delivers Medical, Surgical, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, and Public Health & Quality Assurance services. It further monitors the clinical performance throughout the Hospital and promotes the culture of excellence in patient safety, clinical research, training services, quality of care and patient experience. Moreover, we ensure that patients have access to adequate and appropriate medical staff.

With our core agenda being the delivery of timely and quality clinical services, this department is tasked with the responsibility of medical governance oversight. This entails ensuring that the culture of KUTRRH is team-based, fact-based, customer-based and works towards the achievement of the Vision of the hospital. We also lead and guide the development, approval and implementation of specific best clinical practice and patient care related policies and procedures. Additionally, the directorate ensures that there is cohesion between all stakeholders in clinical referral, clinical research and training in the process of care delivery.

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