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  • Director Mr. Isaac Kamau

Directorate of Integrated Molecular Imaging Centre

The Directorate of Integrated Molecular Imaging Centre (IMIC) offers both diagnostic and therapeutic services in the management of cancer and other diseases. It is an ultra-modern and the first-ever PUBLIC IMIC not only in Kenya but also in the region. The goal of the directorate is to increase the capacity of the Hospital to offer a fully comprehensive continuum of cancer care. This capacity entails Prevention, Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment, Survivorship and Palliative Care.

The IMIC centre includes a commercial Cyclotron, 2 PET-CTs, a SPECT-CT machine, 256 Slice CT, and a 3.0 Tesla MRI. Additionally, the centre features an accommodation facility that can host up to 100 patients who are accessing services at the Hospital or their members of the families.

The Directorate will support other cancer centres in the country and the region that invest in PET/CTs through the provision of consumables (FDGs), general support, personnel and technical support.

The Centre has the following impact on Kenyans and regional citizens:

  • Early diagnosis and assessment of response to treatment
  • Accuracy in diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Improved survivorship
  • Reduction in waiting time
  • Significantly reducing cancer-related mortality
  • Reverse outbound medical tourism
  • Attract medical tourism from East, West & Central Africa
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