Directorate info

  • Director Dr. Tabby Mungai, Ph.D

Directorate of Human Resource Development

The Directorate of Human Resource Development is responsible for creating strategic, operational, and administrative procedures to support employees to ensure optimum performance in the provision of high-quality patient-centred healthcare services. The Directorate focuses on recruiting, developing and retaining top talent and is responsible for formulating, implementing and evaluating HR policies and strategies to support the Hospital in achieving its objectives. The Directorate plays a key role in shaping the DNA of the Hospital by ensuring that staff members are inducted into the KUTRRH culture and strongly instilling the core values of the Hospital within the workforce.

The functions of the Directorate include Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection, Onboarding, Talent Management, Performance Management, Compensation, Staff Development, Employee Relations, and Employee Welfare among others. The people-centric directorate subscribes to strong ethical values and principles which include Integrity, Professionalism, Fairness and Objectivity, Excellence and Best Practice.

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