Directorate info

  • Director Dr. Christopher Ouma
  • Deputy Director(s)
    Dr. John Nyambega, Ph.D
    Dr. Marion Wangui Kiguoya, Ph.D
    Dr. Mwirigi Kiula, Ph.D

Directorate of Training, Research & Innovations

The core mandate of the Training & Capacity Building Directorate is to:

  • Ensure that training is systematic, demand-driven and in compliance with constitutional and regulatory requirements, institutional policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Work with National Training Regulatory bodies to ensure courses offered by the training institute are accredited.
  • Provide guidance on and implementation of training and development functions

The directorates provide facilities for medical education and training in nursing and other health and allied institutions through the establishment of an institute for specialized nursing and offering short courses. It also ensures continuous learning/re-tooling of staff, through providing facilities for medical education, clinical placements & rotations and medical internships.

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