Medical Gases Plant

Medical Gases Plant

KUTRRH is a 650-bed capacity facility Located at Northern Bypass near Kahawa West. The facility has at least
650 oxygen outlets at every bed available. This requires keen oxygen management practices that will help in
24-hour supply to the hospital. KUTRRH medical gases unit, has three constant supply sources of oxygen to the whole hospital. These include oxygen plants-PSA (4 identical & independent), liquid Oxygen tank of 20,000 liters and compressed oxygen cylinders – 850 cylinders.

Oxygen plants – PSA

At our facility we have four oxygen plants that are identical, each plant produces 613 liters of gaseous oxygen
per minute therefore this will be a total of 2,452 liters of gaseous oxygen produced from our plants per a single minute.Surprisingly during covid time this was not enough, we had to boost our PSA Plant with compressed Oxygen gas cylinders via manifold due to high population of patients at that time. Currently there is minimal consumption of Oxygen by the patient in the hospital.Therefore, we are supporting many other facilities – hospitals & public with approximately refill of 20 (8.5M3) oxygen cylinders per day

Liquid tank

A 20,000-liter liquid oxygen tank was donated by world bank – MOH and delivered & commissioned to KUTRRH facility 0n 28/09/2021. It hasbeen in used since then as a secondary supply system to the whole hospital. Liquid oxygen (LOX) has a purity of 99.5% unlike PSA plant that has a purity of >93%.One liter of liquid oxygen produces 861 liters of gaseous
oxygen. This will translate to 20,000 *861 =7,220,000 liters of gaseous oxygen stored in our liquid tank at full capacity.This has given us firm
confidence and solved almost all the challenges we faced during covid-19 period

Oxygen cylinders
An oxygen cylinder is a device that is used to store gaseous oxygen at high pressure. This will assist to store more volume of gas to a small container.
KUTRRH owns 850 oxygen cylinders with a capacity of 8.5M3 to 150 bars of pressure. This translates to 8,500 liters of gaseous oxygen per cylinder.
Therefore 8,500*850= 7,225,000 liters of gaseous oxygen stored in oxygen cylinders. NB; Only for KUTRRH
emergency backup. Vacuum plant the unit comprises of; Three (3) pumps, two (2) reservoir tanks each tank has a capacity of 374kg.

The Oxygen Refilling Station is a vital unit that is utilized to refill oxygen cylinders, and boasts an impressive capacity of at least 40 (8.5m3) oxygen cylinders being refilled within

a 24-hour period. Additionally, the Manifold Systems within the KUTRRH Medical gases Unit consist of
a three (3) Oxygen manifold system,featuring a 310 system; a Co2 manifold system, which is a 24 system; and
an N20 manifold system, which is a 2*12 system. These manifold systems are essential in ensuring a smooth
and efficient flow of medical gases throughout the hospital.Furthermore, the KUTRRH Medical
gases Unit is in the process of expanding its scope of operations by constructing a stand alone Oxygen
filling station that includes two (2)refilling pumps. Each pump has the capacity to refill at least 55 (8.5m3) oxygen cylinders per day, totaling 110 (8.5m3) cylinders in 24 hours.

This expansion will enable the KUTRRH to support oxygen cylinders to other hospitals and individuals across the country, as well as allow for a greater capacity to serve patients in need.
In addition to the expansion plans, there are also ongoing efforts to install a Cryogenic Oxygen plant at the KUTRRH, which will further enhance the hospital’s ability to provide high-quality
medical care.

Management practices.
Effective management practices are also a top priority for the KUTRRH
Medical gases Unit. The unit has a dedicated team of three staff members who work in
shifts to ensure the seamless operation of the section on a
24-hour basis. In the event of a power outage, liquid oxygen is
used to supply the hospital, and if liquid oxygen is not available, the oxygen cylinder manifold (which
holds 20 cylinders) is utilized to maintain a continuous supply of oxygen to the
hospital with minimal or no disruptions.All in all, the KUTRRH Medical gases Unit is committed to providing
the highest level of care to its patients through the utilization of cutting-edge technology, efficient practices, and a dedicated team.

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