Quality Maternal Care at KUTRRH

KUTRRH Board Chairperson, Prof. Olive Mugenda visited Ms. Gladys Chege, a mother of healthy twin boys born on 1st June 2022 at the hospital. The healthy pair were born without complications and were rooming-in with their mother before they were discharged. Rooming-in is encouraged as a standard care at KUTRRH as is the practice globally. It is keeping the mother and baby in the same room unless there is a medical reason warranting maternal-infant separation. It has over the years been extolled as an enabler of breastfeeding success as babies are with their mothers often. It also aids in reduced opportunities for weight loss and babies have lower bilirubin levels.

KUTRRH provides a hospitable and friendly environment for maternity and other health services. Besides high-quality specialist service, the hospital offers training for new mothers and couples on care for new-borns. The training is aimed at helping both parents in caring for the newborn(s). For couples’ training on care, both parents are guided on how to care for the newborn and continue with the care at home. Participation by both parents is also credited with enabling better health outcomes for the mother and her newborn(s).

The Hospital observes the six pillars of safe motherhood. This ensures that women receive high-quality care in order to achieve desired health outcomes for the mother and infant. Our highly trained, licensed and experienced midwives offer patient-centred care specially tailored to each mother’s need during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum

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