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In October, the world observes ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month‘ to address the obstacles patients face in accessing treatment and care.

Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral & Research Hospital (KUTRRH) remains dedicated to advocating the TLC approach to breast cancer awareness and prevention.

  • Touch – your breast
  • Look – for changes
  • Check – for changes with a general practitioner

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

For the female gender, just being a woman and aging are the biggest risk factors for breast cancer. Those factors are difficult to change, but one can control other risk factors such as smoking, alcohol intake, and a sedentary lifestyle. It is important to remember that breast cancer also affects men.

Comprehensive Breast Care Center at KUTRRH

KUTRRH takes a comprehensive approach to deliver care beyond patient screening and treatment. The Hospital has opened a new Comprehensive Breast Care Center (CBCC), which provides comprehensive breast care to all Kenyans and citizens from other countries under one roof. The Centre goes beyond breast cancer screening.

It targets both male and female patients with breast-related diseases, whether cancerous or otherwise. Family members accompanying patients benefit from health education, counselling and other ancillary services that help rehabilitate the patient after treatment.

A dedicated team of specialized surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, oncology nurses, nutritionists, and counselors provides up-to-date care based on high-quality research.

Breast Care Services at KUTRRH

KUTRRH’s Breast Care Center offers a wide range of services, including breast screening services; mammography for breast cancer screening; ultrasound services; consultation; counselling; support groups; nutritional advice; imaging-guided biopsies; Fine Needle Aspirant (FNA) and comprehensive treatment plans.

Breast Cancer Screening Cost

Starting mid-September, KUTRRH offers ultrasound at KES 1,500, mammograms at KES 2,000, breast MRIs at KES 23,000, and chest and abdomen CT scan services at KES 18,000. NHIF covers most breast cancer screening costs, making the service now affordable.

Remember that breast self-examinations should be carried out regularly, with an examination by a doctor done once a year. Additionally, Mammograms are an important tool in early breast cancer detection when the cancer is easily treatable.

Breast cancer awareness is not a one-off October issue but a continuous one if Kenya is to address the burden of cancer.

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