Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery is a specialized discipline that is sub divided into two basic areas Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery deals with the restoration of form and function in areas of the body damaged by trauma, cancer, wounds, burn injury or congenital abnormalities. Aesthetic surgery involves the … Continue reading Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

The goal of our Orthopedic Services is to manage the patients within the shortest time possible and reduce their stay at the hospital. The unit offers the best care with high quality and durable implants. Among the trauma cases managed are: Fractures of all long and short bones either conservatively or operatively. Pelvic fractures. Acetabular … Continue reading Orthopedic Services

The Biomedical Engineering Department is responsible for the installation, commissioning, inspection, calibration, maintenance, repair of Medical Equipment and management of all medical Gases.

KUTRRH pediatric unit offers timely, efficient, and effective quality patient-centered care to all the paeds. Nurse-patient ratio of 1:1 in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit & Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and a ratio of 1:5 in the paediatric medical wards.

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