The Breast Reconstruction Workshop At KUTRRH

Mastectomy is surgery that involves the removal of a breast. It is mainly used to treat breast cancer. Besides the pain caused by the disease and the surgery, women who have undergone a mastectomy sometimes face emotional and self-esteem challenges mainly due to the vital role of breasts in women.

Why Breast Reconstruction?

We do Breast Reconstruction after a mastectomy not just for cosmetic reasons but also to help patients regain their beauty and dignity, boost their confidence, and lead a fulfilling life both mentally and physically.

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The Breast Reconstruction Workshop At KUTRRH

The Workshop was carried out in KUTRRH from 19th to 23rd February 2024. It aimed to provide a comprehensive educational opportunity for our medical professionals and enhance our hospital’s commitment to offering comprehensive breast cancer care to our patients that, includes breast reconstruction following mastectomy.

Besides giving the affected ladies self-confidence, a new lease of life, and enhanced quality of life, the other objective was to exchange knowledge and best practices among our medical staff regarding advanced techniques and innovations in breast reconstruction surgery. This Workshop has contributed to the continuous professional development of our healthcare providers. It has further elevated the standards of care we provide to breast cancer patients.

Some of the highlights included:

Interactive Sessions: Renowned experts in breast reconstruction led interactive sessions on the latest surgical techniques, preoperative planning, patient assessment, and postoperative care.

  • Live Demonstrations: Skilled surgeons conducted live surgical demonstrations, allowing participants to observe and learn firsthand the intricacies of various breast reconstruction procedures.
  • Unique Case Studies: Challenging case studies were presented, encouraging participants to collaborate and explore innovative solutions.
  • Hands-on Workshops: Practical workshops with live surgeries allowed participants to practice new techniques in a controlled environment.
  • Panel Discussions: Engaging panel discussions fostered in-depth conversations on emerging trends, patient-centered care, and interdisciplinary collaboration.


The Breast Reconstruction Workshop involved live surgeries (broadcasted live) at KUTRRH Operation Theatres conducted by international breast surgeons from Canada, the US, Argentina, Ghana, and Italy, joining our renowned plastic surgeons.

The participants involved international and local:

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgeons, residents and consultants
  • Breast surgeons
  • General surgeons
  • Surgical oncologists
  • Oncologists
  • Nurses

Breast Reconstruction Workshop Launch

The Workshop commenced on 19th February 2024 with an elaborate ceremony that included the KUTRRH Board and the Management led by Prof. Olive Mugenda and CEO Ahmed Dagane, respectively.

During the launch, Prof. Olive Mugenda the KUTRRH Board Chairperson, said,

“We are honored to have International breast surgeons joining our renowned plastic surgeons, including Prof. Ferdinand Nangole from the University of Nairobi and Dr. Moki who supports KUTRRH Breast Care Centre. All the presentations, including leadership in breast surgery from Prof. Andrea Pusic of Harvard University, impressed me.

Thank you, Dr. Nyakiongora, Dr. Were, Dr. Ogalo, our committed hospital surgeons for making it happen, and Dr. Victor Njom and Dr. Onyimbo Kerama for very ably steering the committee. We made it an annual event to reach more patients and continue learning.”

Speaking at the opening session of the Breast Care Symposium KUTRRH’s CEO Ahmed Dagane announced that since 2021, when KUTRRH launched the Comprehensive Breast Care Centre, over 3000 people have been attended to at the facility. He also said that KUTTRH is set to construct a stand-alone Comprehensive Breast Care Centre (CBC) as set out in Hospital’s 5 year Strategic Plan.

The current Breast Care Centre has conducted 450 mammograms, 450 Ultrasound examinations, 48 Ultrasound-guided biopsies since the facility’s inception. The CEO noted that breast reconstruction is the final chapter in the healing process. Over the last 2 years, 150 breast reconstruction surgeries have seen lives transformed.

By Erick Gichuru – Web & Digital Brand

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