St Andrew's PCEA Donates A Wheelchair
St Andrew’s PCEA has severally shown its generosity to KUTRRH. In December 2022 the Church’s choir visited KUTRRH and sang Christmas carols for patients. The Church has also donated clothes and diapers to patients and recently they donated a wheel chair to one of the patients admitted at the hospital, Mr. Zachariah Wanyoike Thuku. He was a road accident victim in December 2022.The victim, who suffered severe injuries to both legs had been yearning for a way to regain his mobility and independence.
Public Health
The public health and marketing departments took part in a conference and exhibition that was held at Pride Inn Paradise Convention Centre, Mombasa from 2nd to 5th April 2023.The conference whose theme was sustainable public health approaches to health and environmental in 21st century was organized by the Public Health Officers and Technicians Council (PHOTC) and was the 1st public health conference to be held in Kenya.
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