St Andrew's PCEA Donates A Wheelchair

Donation Of A Wheelchair

St Andrew’s PCEA has severally shown its generosity to KUTRRH. In December 2022 the Church’s choir
visited KUTRRH and sang Christmas carols for patients. The Church has also donated clothes and diapers to patients and recently they donated a wheel chair to one of the patients admitted at the hospital, Mr. Zachariah Wanyoike Thuku. He was a road accident victim in December 2022.The victim, who suffered severe injuries to both legs had been yearning for a way to regain his mobility and independence.

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After learning about his situation, the church promptly donated a wheelchair specifically tailored to his needs. The PCEA Church generously donated a wheelchair, offering a glimmer of hope and a means to overcome the physical limitations that had kept him bound for months.

The provision of a wheelchair brings with it a renewed sense of hope and independence for the victim. With the aid of this mobility device, Mr. Thuku can now navigate his surroundings with greater ease and minimal assistance. The wheelchair not only serves as a practical solution but also symbolizes a profound act of compassion and care from the church and its members. For the victim, the wheelchair represents freedom from the confines of his bed and a means to regain control over his life.

It restores his ability to engage in daily activities, such as moving around, and reconnecting with friends and loved ones. Beyond physical mobility, the wheelchair offers a sense of dignity, allowing the victim to interact with the world on his own terms.

The PCEA Church’s donation exemplifies the importance of community support. By reaching out and extending assistance to those in need, they showcase the power of unity and empathy. This act not only uplifts the spirits of the recipient but also inspires others to spread kindness and make a positive impact on society.

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