A Medical Innovator Birthed By Tragedy

They say, when life gives you lemons, you should make…

Having lost his father, fiancée, and at least five close relatives, Dr. Levi Cheruo Cheptora established that inadequate access to specialized medical care and lifesaving information is hugely to blame for the unnecessary loss of precious lives.

Of every ten deaths that occur daily in Kenyan Hospitals, at least seven are preventable if only people had adequate medical literacy. As a result, Dr. Levi, In 2021, established Doctors Explain FM (a Patient Education and Management System part of the KUTRRH Medical Innovation and Accelerator Hub – MIAH) to make it possible to make it possible for patients to access specialized medical care remotely.

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Dr. Levi’s vision is to make it possible for at least 90% of rural-based patients and those with mobility impairment to receive specialized medical care and ready access to medical information within the next ten years.

According to the founders of Doctors Explain, digital technology makes safe and efficient recordkeeping a possibility. Centralized storage means that medical professionals can access patient data quickly, helping them provide better care, thus improving patient outcomes.

A Multi-Hospital Management Information Software

From diagnostics to disease management, providers and patients are now reaping the benefits of Doctors Explain FM Multi-Hospital Management Information Software such as;

  • Faster & more accurate access to patient records.
  • Improved access to care.
  • Better diagnostics.

Doctors Explain FM

A patient education system allows patients to check aspects of their healthcare journey, ultimately giving them the freedom to take complete control of their situation. It means they no longer need to rely on staff to provide endless, outdated leaflets and reading aids to receive insights into their health.

10,000 – Number of radio listeners per week

Doctors Explain averages 10 thousand Internet Radio Listeners weekly, and we reach at least 100K others through our Social Media Accounts. Recently Doctors Explain signed a contract with Transsion (The official representative for Infinix, Itel & Tecno Radio Integration Partner) for their radio to be included in their mobile phones.

Other Products & Services

Besides eight Standalone Internet Radios, Doctors Explain FM boasts several other products, for instance:

  • A Medical Social Platform
  • An eCommerce platform that guides prospective users on the nearest source of the Management Information Software.
  • A Learning Management System where one can study any topic anytime and explore thousands of courses.
  • A Multi-Hospital Management System- a Hospital Management System that is essential for healthcare establishments like nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, clinics, hospitals, health clinics, dispensaries, and more;
  • A Doctor Clinic Management system which is an online scheduling software that has made the booking process in hospitals easier for patients and administrative staff, and a digital newspaper and s digital newspaper
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