The Innovation hub at KUTRRH continues to incubate life-changing innovations by budding professionals like Emmanuel Wekesa.

Mr. Wekesa is a graduate of  BSc. Medical Biochemistry from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Class of 2018. Mr. Wekesa is currently researching biomaterials.

Biomaterials are natural or synthetic materials used in biomedical applications. Biomedical applications of biomaterials range from wound healing materials to body implants. Biomaterials are also gaining a footing in replacing petroleum-based products like plastic-based tableware textiles.

Mr. Wekesa’s focus in biomaterials research is on developing wound dressing products, dentistry products, and hydrogels. Besides biomedical applications, Mr. Wekesa is also developing biomaterials to replace petroleum-based plastics.


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