Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a progressive condition where the kidneys gradually lose function over time. A kidney transplant is considered the best treatment option for end-stage kidney disease. It offers a better quality of life and greater longevity compared to dialysis.


World Kidney Day 2024 Medical Camp

KUTRRH Team led by the Board Chairperson, Prof Olive Mugenda, CEO Ahmed Dagane, and the Renal Unit Staff carried out FREE Kidney Checkup to Kenyans from all walks of life to commemorate the #WorldKidneyDay2024.

The free medical camp provided over 400 public members with an opportunity to have wellness screenings for Chronic Kidney Disease and other Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer, among others.

Kidney Transplant Services At KU Hospital

Renal or kidney care services are among our flagship services, and we have conducted over 35,000 dialysis sessions since we started. We recently added 20 dialysis machines, bringing them to 35 machines. This necessitated introducing a third shift to cover the increasing demand for renal services.

Having established that kidney transplant is the best treatment option for Chronic Kidney Disease, we are currently in the process of starting the renal transplants. Our staff are currently undergoing advanced training in India. At the same time, our Institute of Specialized Nursing has introduced nephrology training for our nurses.


By Erick Gichuru – Web & Digital Brand

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