KUTTRH CEO Ahmed Dagane with dr Mishra and a patient

Elizabeth Kago recently traveled from Nakuru to KUTRRH for a health checkup appointment. She also took this chance to pass on her gratitude for the successful Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery she underwent seven (7) months ago at our facility.

Elizabeth got the opportunity to thank KUTTRH CEO Ahmed Dagane in person for starting and facilitating the running of the CABG program, Dr. Mishra (in the picture), the lead surgeon, and the multidisciplinary team that operated on her.

“Thank you for playing a great part in restoring my health through a successful heart surgery!” ~ Elizabeth Kago; a 58-year-old Nakuru resident.

The CEO Congratulated her for her remarkable recovery. Elizabeth thanks almighty God for granting her healing and appreciates that the successful surgery restored normalcy in her life.

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