Transoral laser microsurgery (TLM) is a minimally invasive surgical technique used to remove tumors and other abnormal growths from the throat, voice box (larynx), and upper airway
KUTRRH’s ENT team has successfully performed our first Transoral Laser Microsurgery (TLM) for a patient with bilateral vocal cord palsy. This groundbreaking procedure marks a significant achievement for the ENT department.


We celebrate our incredible team comprising of Anesthetists; Dr. Sheila Gitau and Dr. David Waruingi whose expertise ensured the patient’s safety and comfort throughout the surgery. Our dedicated nurses, Christine and Veronica whose precision and support were crucial to the success of the operation.


This achievement is a testament to the power of teamwork, dedication, and innovative medical techniques. We’re excited about the positive impact this will have on our patient’s quality of life and look forward to many more successful procedures in the future.

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