The Hospital is also seeking to create a panel of surgical and medical specialists who will be engaged on a part-time basis in the following specialized areas.

No. Job Cadre Reference Number
1 Cardiologists (Re-advert) KUTRRH/CONCARD/208
2 Cardiothoracic / Vascular Surgeons KUTRRH/CONCARDVS/344
3 Dermatologists (Re-Advert) KUTRRH/CONDERM/210
4 Gastroenterologists (Re-Advert) KUTRRH/CONGASTRO/214
5 Hematologists (Re-Advert) KUTRRH/CONHEM/216
6 Interventional Cardiologists KUTRRH/CONINVCARD/345
7 Neonatologists (Re-Advert) KUTRRH/CONNEON/220
8 Neurologists (Re-Advert) KUTRRH/CONNEURO/221
9 Plastic Surgeons (Re-Advert) KUTRRH/CONPS/230
10 Uro Surgeons (Re-Advert) KUTRRH/CONUROS/235
11 Speech Therapists KUTRRH/CONSPTHER/346


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Those specialists who had applied earlier need not apply again.


Deadline was 23rd September 2020