Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH) is a State Corporation under the Ministry of Health, registered under Legal Notice Number 4 of the State Corporations Act Cap 446. The Vision of KUTRRH is to be a premier hospital renowned for Clinical Excellence, Education and Research. Being a comprehensive referral hospital has fully operational specialized units including Cardiology, Pediatric, Obstetrics & Gynecology, ENT, Neurosurgery, Dentistry, Molecular Imaging Centre, Oncology, Trauma & Orthopedics, Renal and the specialized clinics among others.

The Board of Directors has recruited over 800 highly specialized professionals to provide medical care and administrative support for all units in the hospital. It is against this background that the hospital seeks to attract additional trained specialists with the aim of increasing the capacity of medical professionals at KUTRRH in specialized areas. We seek to engage qualified staff on a three (3) to five (5) year performance-based renewable contract for the positions listed below. Applicants must demonstrate diligence, commitment, and a positive attitude.

No. Job Cadre Ref. Numbers No. of Positions
1. Consultant Radiologist V/FT/130/2022 4
2. Interventional Radiologist V/FT/131/2022 2
3. Cardiac Radiologist V/FT/132/2022 1
4. Cardiologist V/FT/133/2022 2
5. Medical Gastroenterologist V/FT/134/2022 1
6. Intensivist V/FT/135/2022 2
7. Rheumatologist V/FT/136/2022 1
8. Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist V/FT/137/2022 2
9. Urogynaecologist V/FT/138/2022 1
10. Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist V/FT/139/2022 1
11. Neurologist V/FT/140/2022 1
12. Urologist V/FT/141/2022 2
13. Audiologist V/FT/142/2022 2
14. Speech Therapist V/FT/143/2022 2
15. Occupational Therapist V/FT/144/2022 1
16. Anatomic Pathologist V/FT/145/2022 2
17. Clinical Pathologist V/FT/146/2022 2
18. Prosthodontist V/FT/147/2022 1
19. Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon V/FT/148/2022 1
20. Transplant Surgeon V/FT/149/2022 2
21. Plastic Surgeon V/FT/150/2022 2
22. General Ent Surgeon V/FT/151/2022 2
23. Colorectal Surgeon V/FT/152/2022 2
24. Bariatric Surgeon V/FT/153/2022 1
25. Hepatobilliary Surgeon V/FT/154/2022 2
26. Breast Surgeon V/FT/155/2022 4
27. Neurosurgeon Skullbase V/FT/156/2022 1
28. Spine Surgeon V/FT/157/2022 1
29. Orthopaedic Surgeon V/FT/158/2022 3
30. Cardiothoracic Surgeon V/FT/159/2022 2
31. Paediatric Cardiologist V/FT/160/2022 1
32. Paediatric Gastroenterologist V/FT/161/2022 1
33. Paediatric Hematooncologist V/FT/162/2022 1
34. Paediatric Oncologist V/FT/163/2022 1
35. Paediatric Developmental Specialist V/FT/164/2022 1
36. Paediatric Neurologist V/FT/165/2022 1
37. Paediatric Ent Surgeon V/FT/166/2022 1
38. Paediatric Dentist V/FT/167/2022 1
39. Nuclear Medicine Physician V/FT/168/2022 3
40. Nuclear Medicine Technologist V/FT/169/2022 2
41. Medical Physicist V/FT/170/2022 1
42. Radiation Therapist Technologist V/FT/171/2022 2
43. Radiologists V/FT/172/2022 4
44. Nephrologist V/FT/173/2022 2
45. Mechanical Engineer V/FT/174/2022 1
46. Electrical Engineer V/FT/175/2022 1
47. Architect V/FT/176/2022 1
48. Draughtsman V/FT/177/2022 1
49. Project Manager (Construction) V/FT/178/2022 1
50. Echo Cardiographers V/FT/180/2022 4
51. Tailors V/FT/181/2022 3

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2. Job Descriptions

Application Process

If your background and competencies match the specifications of any of the posts above, please apply online

For all applications, please indicate the subject as follows: JOB APPLICATION – [JOB REFERENCE NUMBER]. Note that you must attach the following listed documents when you apply on the online portal.

  1. Application Letter
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Filled Application Form
  4. Valid Practicing License

The deadline for the receipt of all applications is 25th October 2022.
Successful candidates will be offered an attractive remunerative package which includes a basic salary and allowances. The Hospital will facilitate travel to Kenya for the successful candidates and assist in acquiring work permits. The Hospital will also facilitate job placement for spouses where possible.
Qualified Kenyans living abroad as well as well as experts from other nationalities are encouraged to apply.

Any form of canvassing will lead to immediate disqualification.
KUTRRH is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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