A Pharmacy in KU Hospital

Pharmacy Department Moves A Notch Higher

The pharmacy department is the custodian of drugs and plays a crucial part in a hospital set-up. The pharmaceutical team is responsible for monitoring the supply of all pharmaceuticals. Thus, the team is mandated to purchase, process, dispense and control all pharmaceuticals within the hospital premises. Pharmaceutical suppliers are vetted thoroughly to ensure quality, affordable, and efficacious medicines.

KUTRRH Pharmaceutical Technology

At KUTRRH the staff comprising of pharmacists and pharmaceutical technologists are highly trained and dedicated to ensuring good patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. Since inception a lot of developments have taken place in the pharmacy department key among them is the introduction of barcodes to all pharmaceutical products which is revolutionary to the control and monitoring of stock. The barcodes ensure easier tracking of all pharmaceuticals from the stores to the dispensing level. Moreover, barcoding coupled with the PHARMACY DEPARTMENT MOVES A NOTCH HIGHER
“First-Expiry-First-Out” (F.E.F.O) system, will improve inventory control, limit the number of expired drugs and inform better decisions when making
timely orders from pharmaceutical suppliers.

How Has Technology Helped to Upgrade the Pharmacy Industry?

In-built Cold Room

The Pharmacy Commodities and Supplies Unit (PCSU) department has been equipped with a state-of-the-art cold room. This has increased the cold
storage capacity of pharmaceutical products especially cancer medications. The pharmacy is able to serve more oncology patients who require cold-chain medications.


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