Nurse’s Week: In Honour Of The Pivotal Role Nurses Play

11th May 2023 was big day of nurses at KUTRRH (Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral& Research Hospital). The day began with morning exercises, great recreations by the nurses and entertaining trainings in relation to healthcare services. The nurses then walked from the Hospital to Kahawa West to sensitize people to seek medical attention in KUTRRH. The theme of the Nurses Week2023 was “Our Nurses. Our Future.” The event was marked by speeches from distinguished guests who underscored the importance of the nurses’ work.

The walk was flagged off by the Chairperson of the KUTRRH Board, Professor Olive Mugenda who began by thanking the nurses for going an extra mile to take care of human life and proposed a reward for those who
are exemplary in their work. She stressed that the excellence of a hospital starts with the nurses who are a critical component in provision of healthcare. The Chairperson highlighted some key areas that nurses should work
on to improve the services that they offer ,which includes:

 • Effective communication between the nurses and the doctors/leaders.
• Emotional intelligence when talking to and handling the patient

• Seeking counsel and treatment when they feel worn out.

Prof. Mugenda promised that the Board of Directors will give the staff opportunities to improve their skills through specialized training and initiate an observance program where nurses can get exposure by visiting other hospitals abroad. The Chairperson reflected on the President’s promise to build a children’s and women’s hospital together with a breast cancer center and promised that once the funds are available, the projects will commence .The Chairperson concluded that the nurses should at all costs avoid negative comments and look for an appropriate way to address negative publicity internally and continuously improve service delivery.

The Guest of Honor was the National Director of Nursing and Midwifery Services, Dr. Judith Awinja who was represented by 06 MAY 2023 KUTRRH THE CHECKUP VOL. 4 ISSUE 5Ms. Catherine Chacha from the
office of the Head of Nursing and Midwifery Services – MoH who noted that the theme of this year’s Nurses Week-OurNurses. Our Future sets out that the future lies in adressing global challenges. She said that nurses should be protected, respected and valued by being involved in decision making. She encouraged the nurses to
be driven by passion in offering healthcare services and identify a specific field to work in toensure their efficiency and excellence.

Mr. Edward Omondi, the Director of Nursing Services -KUTRRH stated that he takes a lot of pride in what the nurses do. He said that the nurses in KUTRRH have been guided by the hospital’s core values to ensure they deliver the best.

Ms. Gwen Kinisu, the CEO of Prudential Insurance- Kenya which was part of the key sponsors of the event, noted that nurses do a lot of essential working handling human life as they are the first to handle a patient. She said that the nurses should be protected through an insurance policy. The National Nurses Association
of Kenya (NNAK) was represented by their President, Mr. Collins Ajwang’. The event at KUTRRH culminated with the cutting of a cake, the nurses’ anthem and recital of their pledges.

Nurses Week Closes With Event At MoH Headquarters 

Friday, 12th May 2023 was the International Nurses Day, which is the annual observance that commemorates the birth of Florence Nightingale in 1820, the foundational inspiration of modern-day nursing. KUTRRH nurses joined other nurses from around the country at the Ministry of Health Headquarters at Afya-House, Nairobi to mark the end of the nurse’s week. The ceremony included lighting of candles which commemorates Florence Nightingale’s nighttime aid to wounded soldiers. The nurses were gifted with various items in recognition of their hard work and compassion. Various guests addressed the gathering.

Recognition And Professional Development 

Dr. Josephine Mburu, the former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health referred to nurses as the heart of healthcare. She noted that during the Covid pandemic and even before nurses experienced burnout. Nurses emotionally invest in their patients and patients’’ families, which can be exhausting.

Dr. Mburu stated that professionalism in nursing encompasses everything it takes to provide the best patient care while also remaining accountable and respectful while upholding the values of integrity. It also includes the need to better oneself by improving the methods and standards important for providing patient care.

Mr. Collins Ajwang, the NNAK President, assured the nurses that the Association is working round the clock to ensure it represents nurses and midwives in promoting professional development, social welfare and advocacy through capacity development and innovative governance.

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