Patients and healthcare providers depend on accurate and reliable laboratory testing for diagnosis and treatment decisions. To meet this demand for excellence and standard quality care, Kenyatta University Teaching Referral, and Research Hospital (KUTRRH) embarked on a journey towards ISO 15189 accreditation for its laboratory services in 2019 as a commitment to demonstrate competence to meet international quality standards, promote efficient and accurate test results and patient safety. The accreditation was achieved in February 2024. 

Significance of ISO 15189 Accreditation  

  1. Meeting International Standards; ISO Accreditation signifies that KUTRRH adheres to recognized international standards of quality, safety, and efficiency that demonstrate the Hospital’s commitment in providing healthcare services that meet international audits. 
  1. Enhancing patient safety: Patients trust that ISO-accredited labs follow the right procedure to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and produce accurate test results. 
  1. Continous improvement: Through regular audits, evaluations, and feedback, KUTTRH will identify areas for improvement to increase its standards and always be the best institution with the most improved accredited lab. 
  1. Stakeholder-confidence: ISO accreditation instills confidence in healthcare professionals, regulatory bodies, patients, and the public by assuring them they are not at risk. Accreditation affirms stakeholders’ competence, transparency, and accountability in healthcare delivery.  
  1. Market access: with this, we can generate revenue. KUTRRH prides itself in offering sports studies; hence, if we have an accredited Lab, we can pride ourselves in provision of Sports medicine and have all the sportsmen and women come and get tested, which is accepted globally. 

Stages of ISO 15189 Accreditation. 

  1. Preparation: The Hospital thoroughly assessed its laboratory operations, identifying areas that require improvement to meet ISO standards. 
  1. Training and Education: Personnel underwent specialized training in September 2023 to enhance their skills and understand ISO requirements. This ensured staff members were proficient in their respective roles within the laboratory. 
  1. Documentation: Detailed documentation of laboratory procedures, quality control measures, and personnel qualifications were compiled to demonstrate compliance with ISO standards. 
  1. Assessment: External auditors conducted on-site assessments to evaluate the laboratory’s adherence to ISO requirements. This included reviewing documentation, observing laboratory practices, and conducting proficiency testing. The accreditation decision was made on 8th February 2024. 
  1. Continuous Improvement: Even after accreditation is achieved, the process of improvement continues. KUTRRH remains committed to monitoring performance, soliciting feedback, and implementing enhancements to further optimize its laboratory services. 

With the slogan, ‘Once tested, accepted globally”, KUTRRH remains steadfast in its commitment to continuous improvement and excellence. With ISO 15189 accreditation as a foundation, the Hospital is determined to further enhance its reputation as a center of excellence in healthcare and to set a benchmark for healthcare institutions across Kenya and beyond, inspiring others to prioritize quality in the pursuit of better health outcomes for all. 

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