KUTRRH & KidsOR Create Access to Safe Surgery for Every Child

Getting admitted to a hospital can be a scary experience for a child, especially for children being prepared to undergo surgery. Some of the fears children experience in a hospital setting include fear of:

  • Pain – physical and emotional
  • Unfamiliar environments
  • separation from loved ones

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KUTRRH has partnered with KidsOR to create a child-friendly environment in our paediatric surgery theatre to address these concerns. This is expected to develop a sense of safety and security, which helps them cope better with the surgical and medical experiences.

Research has established that child-friendly hospital settings reduce anxiety and perception of pain, which positively impacts children’s recovery and well-being.

Creating Kids Friendly Surgical Theatres.

The exercise took place on 9th and 10th March 2024. It involved the customization of the pediatric surgery theatre to create inviting and colorful spaces that appeal to kids about to undergo surgery. Customized areas include the waiting area, recovery room, theatre hallway, Zambezi and Nile wards, and staff areas.

KidsOR is a Scottish Charity organization that installs pediatric Operating Rooms in low- and middle-income countries to create child-friendly spaces. The artwork is a robust hi-tact adhesive vinyl with durable laminate. KidsOR also donated scrubs, warming blankets, and a control unit to our theatre team.

By Erick Gichuru – Web & Digital Brand

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