Kutrrh Hosts Varicose Veins Screening Camp

Varicose veins screening camps serve as a model for proactive healthcare initiatives emphasizing the importance of early detection and intervention. Varicose veins are dilated veins that are visible on the skin surface that cause irritation hence hindering effective blood flow that results in venous ulcers. They may seem benign but it is important to treat them and prevent the patient from developing venous ulcers (a wound that does not heal) and deep venous thrombosis (a clot within the deep venous system.)

On the 17th of July KUTRRH held a free varicose veins screening camp at the Hospital’s Specialized Clinics Unit. The primary objective of the screening camp was to identify individuals with varicose veins and provide them with early intervention measures. This comes after a diagnosis that includes:

• Conducting a clinical evaluation
• Doing a clinical examination
• Radiological examination dobble ultrasound.

The lifestyle intervention measures to treat varicose veins includes:

• Frequent exercises
• Weight loss
• Leg elevation during sleep to enhance blood flow

Another intervention is a surgical option to remove faulty veins. This can be done through:

• Radiofrequency ablation.
• Foam sclerotherapy.
• Laser therapy.

The camp proved to be a substantial success after a team of skilled Doctors and Sonographers was able to screen and attend to over 250 people on that single day and about 600 over the following week. Individuals who attended the camp were taught how to manage varicose veins effectively. They were given guidance on lifestyle modification, exercise routines, compression stocking usage and self-care techniques to alleviate symptoms. For individuals found to have varicose veins,the screening camp facilitated referrals to the appropriate specialists in an effort to ensure they received specialized care tailored to their specific needs. The Hospital’s objective was to raise public awareness about varicose veins prioritizing early detection and intervention since most people ignore the dangers of the condition on the grounds that they are benign. Increased awareness empowers individuals to understand the signs and symptoms associated with varicose veins and seek appropriate medical attention.

Through the event, individuals gained valuable insight into managing varicose veins and received the necessary guidelines for preventing complications. The camp also contributed to raising public awareness about varicose veins fostering a proactive approach to community healthcare. It has been the Hospital’s vision to organize such events and it is looking forward to hosting
such camps to ensure people are able to know underlying conditions affecting them. If you have any concerns about varicose veins or any other condition or suspect you may be at risk, visit KUTRRH and seek medical care from the cardio-thoracic specialists.

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