KMA holds 50th Scientific Conference

The Kenya Medical Association (KMA) held its 50th Scientific Conference in Pride Inn Paradise Hotel, Shanzu, Mombasa County from 10th to 13th May 2023.
The event was well attended by over 100 people in the medical field and was graced by the
Governor of Mombasa, Mr. Abdulswamad Sharrif Nassir, the CEO of MP Shah Hospital, Dr. Toseef Din and the CEO of KUTRRH Mr. Ahmed Dagane.

KMA is a membership organization representing medical and dental practitioners registered
to practice in Kenya whose twin mission is championing the welfare of doctors and advocating for the provision of quality healthcare for all.

The Association holds scientific conferences every year based on different themes on emerging issues and development in the healthcare industry. An organ of the Association which publishes scientific articles, reviews, and clinical case reports, known as the East African Medical Journal (EAMJ), was also celebrating 100 years of its existence.

Addressing the Conference, KUTRRH’s CEO Mr. Ahmed Dagane did a presentation on improving health and health systems-A KUTRRH experience where he noted that the goal of quality healthcare services is to ensure that individuals and communities have access to the care they need to maintain and improve their physical, mental and social well-being.

The CEO outlined the various services available at KUTRRH At the KMA Conference, KUTRRH was able to showcase its state-of-the-art facilities to participants. These included the Cath Lab, Cyberknife and all IMIC services. KUTRRH’s staff used the opportunity to engage with doctors and professionals from various fields.

KUTRRH personnel who attended the conference included:
• The CEO KUTRRH- Mr. Ahmed Dagane
• Director of Clinical Services KUTRRH – Dr. Victor Njom
• Head of Paediatrics at KUTRRH – Dr. Veronica Obunga

• Head of the Accident and Emergency Department at KUTRRH – Dr. Olga Nyamor
• Head of the Internal Medicine department – Dr. Githua Nganga
• Marketing Officer – Derek Mwathi
• IMIC’s Senior Administrator – Lilian Muikamba
• Senior Administrator in the CEO’s office – Elijah Waweru
• Clinical Research Officer – Charity Hungu
• Clinical Research Officer – Njeri Mbugua


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