International Nurses Week 2022 Celebrations Highlights kutrrh

The International Nurse’s Day; a day celebrated on 12th May every year to coincide with the birthday of Florence Nightingale is preceded in most countries by week-long activities by the nursing fraternity.

Florence Nightingale is considered the founder of modern nursing. At the Kenyatta University Teaching Research and Referral Hospital (KUTRRH), the nursing team celebrations started on Monday 9th May 2022 and culminated in a climax event on Friday 13th May 2022.

The Nurses week 2022 celebrations were held under the theme; ‘Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Invest in nursing and respect rights to secure global health.’

International Nurses Week 2022 Celebrations
International Nurses Week 2022 Celebrations

During the week-long celebrations, several activities were lined up to appreciate the fraternity’s noble contribution to the healthcare industry and society and cognisance of nurses’ outstanding individual performance from various sections beyond their call of duty.

The Zumba Dance

Part of the celebrations was a Zumba dance to unwind. Ms. Jackline Tindi, the Ag. Director Nursing services appreciated their exemplary work and encouraged them to continue to deliver quality patient-centred care.

Nurses Week 2022 Climax

The Nurses celebrated the week’s climax by sharing breakfast with each other and the management. Speaking during the event, the Ag. CEO, Dr Victor Njom, lauded the nurses for their sacrificial contribution to the wellness of patients in the hospital by referring to them as the backbone of healthcare.

Speaking during the event, the Ag. CEO, Dr Victor Njom

The Guest speaker Dr Eunice Ndirangu an Associate Professor and Dean, School of Nursing & Midwifery at Aga Khan University, challenged the nurses to give their best in service delivery since their work is more than just a job.

Guest speaker Dr Eunice Ndirangu
Guest speaker Dr Eunice Ndirangu an Associate Professor and Dean, School of Nursing & Midwifery at Aga Khan University

Star Nurses

Observance of the International Nurses Day is also an expression of collective gratitude to the nursing community at the heart of our healthcare systems and foundations. From shared sentiments globally, nurses continue to play the role of ‘silent warriors’ during gruelling times.

Nurses cutting cake International Nurses Week 2022 Celebrations Highlights
Nurses cutting cake International Nurses Week 2022 Celebrations Highlights

Their selfless contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic and devotion of their lives to the public’s well-being has been hailed as phenomenal. At KUTRRH, we celebrate these heroes of our time.

The star nurses were democratically nominated for recognition by their fellow nurses as professionals of exceptional work ethics, diligence and empathy. These nurses include:


1. Millicent Atim: Her work ethic is close to none: professional, passionate, keeps time, hardworking and has exemplary neonatal skills.


2. Lucy Walegwa: A good event organiser, a team player, has good leadership skills, is knowledgeable and professional, and has good communication skills. She is dedicated to her work.

Medical Wards

  1. John Njihia: Hardworking, team player, team leader and committed.
  2. Stanley Maina: Punctual, Hardworking, Team Player, Committed, Given a 5🌟
  3. Dermacline Peter: Hardworking, Dedicated, Team Player.
  4. Ronniey Obulemire: Hardworking, Team Player, mentors other nurses as a team leader.


  1. Geoffrey Anunda: Hardworking, team player, and very dedicated to patient care. He sacrifices his breaks & goes out of his way to make patients comfortable.

Specialised Clinics

  1. Jerida Otwani: She is hardworking, works under minimal to zero supervision and is very keen on her work


  1. Mary Kwenda: She has stood her ground in the care of patients, is a team player, and ensures the smooth running of the department. Communicates clearly to ensure continuity of care.

Critical Care Units

  1. Vincent Makori: Punctual, team player, mentor!
  2. Noela Situma: Punctual, team player, mentor!
  3. Henry Mwangi: Punctual, team player, mentor!
  4. Nicholas Orangi: Punctual, team player, mentor!
  5. Naomi Njonde: Punctual, team player, mentor!

Nursing Leadership

15. Eunice Maina: An assertive nurse who gives attention to detail, has good communication and leadership skills and is a passionate patient and nurse advocate.


16. Irene Wahome: Punctual, team player, organised and a good teacher.

Surgical Wards

17. Mirriam Wangechi: She is a role model in the department. She is selfless, patient and has tonnes of empathy.

18: Cyrus Gachanja: Hardworking, works smart, team player and has a good work ethic.

19: Caroline Nyokabi Njaramba: A very passionate and dedicated nurse, also very kind.


20. Duncan Njiru: Has good communication skills, knowledgeable, punctual, calm and composed.

21. Ann Mokeira: Highly professional and knowledgeable, good leadership skills, emphatic, strong work ethic, and has a humble demeanour.

22. Fridah Nyamu: She is dedicated to her work, colleagues and patients. A transformative leader, innovative, problem solver, inclusive and resilient.

Special thanks go to the KUTRRH Management for the tremendous support and the Glenmark Pharmaceuticals (Kenya) LTD, who were the event sponsor.



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