Kutrrh Hospitality Center

Within the Hospital is the IMIC Hospitality Centre where patients and those accompanying them get safe and comfortable accommodation as and when needed.
During a patient’s stay in hospital, having family members in the environs has direct benefit to patients and family members. Patients need the support of family members to navigate complex health care systems and decisions. Family members need a place to go to restore their energy and thus be able to help their hospitalized loved one each day.

This concern of the patient and the family motivated KUTRRH to put up a hospitality Centre within the precincts of the hospital. The IMIC Hospitality Centre provides local and regional patients and those accompanying them a safe and comfortable place to stay.
The IMIC Centre features single rooms, double rooms, mini suites which accommodate two persons and two-bedroom apartments that accommodate up to 5 persons. The rooms are available at unusually affordable rates. The Centre has a gym and a health club and a restaurant.

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