First Lot of Trainees and Students on Attachment Exceeded Expectations

The Public Health Department of KUTRRH wishes to happily celebrate the tremendous achievement of successfully training three students on attachment from Kenyatta University. The three trainees met and exceeded their expectations. The department received the trainees on 25th January 2021 through the Directorate of Training and Capacity Building for a period of three months, which ended on 30th April, 2021.

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Trainees’ Testimonials

KUTRRH is quite an extraordinary facility. Throughout my practicum period, I have been able to interact with world-class medical practitioners and engage with clients who enjoyed our pristine services, within and without the facility. The Public Health Department was generally involved in the mitigation of the Covid-19 pandemic. I am proud to be among the first attaches to be incubated.

Fueling Digital Transformation with Service Quality
The First Lot of Trainees and Students on Attachment on their Farewell Meeting With Dr. Nyambega

By: Mike Rajwahi

The more I spent time at KUTRRH, the more I became better both professionally and socially. KUTRRH provided me with a conducive environment to conduct my final attachment. The institution also granted me the opportunity to interact with well-abled staff members, who were willing to share information and transform our lifestyles professionally. I will not hesitate to work for this institution in the future.

Trainees and Students on Attachment set to share their farewell cake

By: Pius Oyugi

My attachment at KUTRRH has been enlightening and a very nice experience since I learnt more of practical skills and even more theory on external areas that I was not able to visit. I had an encounter with all the places in KUTRRH and realized that the hospital is one of the most digitalized institutions in the country.

By: Van-Khalid Okinyi

Supervisor’s Remarks

Working in this world-class hospital creates auspicious moments and good conditions for training. We were privileged as a department to receive the first attachés to the hospital. As a Public Health Officer, daily upscale of the hospital sanitary standards and enforcement of public health laws inspire me to offer quality training.

The Training and Capacity Building Director (Centre) and Dep. Director (extreme left), pose for a photo with the trainees’, HOD Public Health (Extreme right) and Public Health Officer in charge of students trainees (second left) after a visit by the University Supervisor.

Maintaining high standards and enforcement of laws in respective areas have helped us to eradicate nuisances and provide a habitable environment for our clients and safe workspaces for our staff and vastly obstructs Healthcare-Associated Infections (HIAs).

The trainees’ first encounter with the hospital setting gave them a culture shock, which they transitioned successfully through the help of the Public Health Team and other staff in the facility. Trainees have since then demonstrated a positive outlook and attitude towards their assigned duties and responsibilities.

While with us, they painted a positive image of Kenyatta University, and we would not hesitate to take up another group from this university in the future. As Public Health Officers, we wish to thank the Hospital Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer, the Training and Capacity Building Directorate, the Director of Clinical Services, and the Head of Public Health Department for facilitating and enabling us to encounter these trainees for the 3-month period.

I wish to therefore confirm that all the trainees scored highest from their university assessment record made on the 28th day of March 2021.

By: Rhoda Jepotip – Trainees’ In-charge

Head of Public Health Department Remarks

I wish to congratulate all the students for their tremendous achievement in completing the three-month period attachment at our facility. Your encounter with us was quite transformative. I wish to confirm that I observed numerous positive improvements in the behaviour and professionalism of these students and would wish to encourage them to replicate that in their studies and in their future public health career.

The lessons learnt from this institution will go a long way to serve them better in all their future endeavours. As a department, we request the management to allow more students from universities to be considered for attachment, internship or volunteer programs and are welcomed to work with us. We are grateful for having the first batch of students on attachment.

By: Mr Felix Karani 

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