A Surgery Restores Hope To A 76-Year-Old Farmer

George, a 76-year-old farmer, patient was first diagnosed with diabetes five (5) years ago. He later developed pain in the abdomen and chest region. His condition did not improve even after frequent visits to hospitals. He says, “Walking more than half a kilometer became hard. Going to the third floor was a huge task.”

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George was eventually referred to KUTRRH after a heart attack that affected his essential bodily functions, such as walking. He had seen several doctors and was contemplating traveling abroad for treatment.

He visited the KUTRRH in November 2022, and an angiography – a type of X-ray used to check blood vessels -was performed on him by Dr. Daniel Kanyeki, a cardio specialist. He was discharged a few days later but came in for weekly visits, where he met Dr. Bashisth Mishra, a Cardiovascular Surgeon who started his treatment plan.

The Heart Bypass Surgery

In late January 2023, KUTRRH medics conducted a heart bypass surgery called CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft) with LIMA -LAD (Left Internal Mammary Artery to Left Anterior Descending Artery). The lead surgeon was Dr. Bashisth Mishra, assisted by a team of top cardiologists, anaesthesiologists, Critical care specialists, and Biomedics.

Heart bypass surgery is one of the most performed heart operations in the world. It is the gold standard treatment for heart block despite many newer interventions being in vogue. The surgery was successful, and George is on the right track to achieving full recovery.


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