On November 11, 2023, Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH) joined hands with the Society of Radiography in Kenya (SORK) to host a momentous event in honor of Radiographers. The celebration reminds of the pivotal role that one scientist, William Roentgen made in 1895 that opened doors to new modalities that are currently in use. The day is a reminder to the pivotal role of radiographers in healthcare, with a particular focus on on ‘Patient Safety.’

The event brought together a diverse audience, which included 350 Radiographers, representatives and staff from KUTRRH led by Dr. Victor Njom (Director of Clinical Services), 55 Radiography Students from various institutions and allied health professionals from various cadres.


The central theme of the World Radiography Day at KUTRRH was “Patient Safety.” This theme underscored the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of patients undergoing diagnostic imaging procedures among other treatments within our institutions. The emphasis on patient safety reflected the commitment of the healthcare community to providing high-quality care while minimizing potential risks associated with radiography Dr. Victor Njom who was representing the CEO of KUTRRH stressed the critical need for effective patient safety practices in all aspects of medical care within the institution. He also highlighted on the need to involve student radiographers in such events as they contribute to the discussion since they are the future generation of radiographers.

The President of SORK. Mr. Jevas Kenyanya expressed his gratitude for the government’s support, acknowledging the passage of the radiographers’ Bill by Parliament. He also took the opportunity to advocate for increased collaboration between SORK and healthcare institutions and emphasized the importance of providing safe working conditions for all healthcare workers.

• Free Clinical Breast and Prostate Ultrasound Screening: This was one way of actively participating in community service through providing valuable health services to them. About 189 people showed up for the free clinical screening where they benefitted from various services such as urology, breast, cardiology, gynecology, oncology and surgical outpatient clinics alongside other medical tests like mammography, ECG, ECHO, FNA, HPVS and PSA laboratory tests for correlations with the ultrasound findings.
• The occasion saw trees being planted showcasing KUTRRH’s commitment to environmental sustainability.
• There was a Procession Ceremony led by the Police Band. The event effectively highlighted the theme of patient safety and underscored the dedication of the healthcare community to providing quality care.


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