Every year on the 7th of April, the world commemorates World Health Day.  The celebration has aimed to create awareness of a specific health theme. This year’s theme is “Building a fairer, healthier world.”

Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral & Research Hospital (KUTRRH) recently witnessed the delivery and rigging of a cyclotron machine. This was a milestone in achieving comprehensive cancer care.

The centre will have clinical, financial, training, research, socio-economic and environmental impact on Kenyans in the following areas:

  • Early diagnosis and assessment of response to treatment
  • Accuracy in diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Reduction in recurrent or metastasis of cancer
  • Improved survivorship
  • Reduction in waiting time and cost of cancer treatment
  • Significantly reduce cancer-related mortality;
  • Attract medical tourism from East, West & Central Africa;
  • Conserve foreign exchange used by Kenyans who seek treatment abroad;
  • Support other cancer centres that invest in PET/CTs through the provision of consumables (FDGs), general support, and personnel training.

See: Delivery of Cyclotron Machine at KUTRRH

Cyclotron delivery
The cyclotron machine delivery at KUTRRH witnessed by the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Health, Sen. Mutahi Kagwe.

Last week we hosted Mr. Philippe Bravin, The General Electric Cyclotron & TRACER Center Manager. Mr. Bravin, who flew in from France, came to install the cyclotron machine. The process for installation is complete.

GE Cyclotron Manager
Mr. Bravin explains the working of Cyclotron at KUTRRHs new Integrated Molecular Imaging Center.

The Cyclotron & IMIC Equipments

The cyclotron is the machine that produces the radioisotopes used as a tracer for cancer. These radioisotopes are also used to monitor the remission or progression of cancer in a patient. The Cyclotron at KUTRRH is the largest in Eastern and Central Africa. Besides, it has the capacity to produce consumables for domestic use in the region.

In addition, a 256 Slice CT Scanner and 3T MRI has been delivered, installed and user training undertaken. It is currently in use at the Imaging Department.

3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) already delivered, installed and user training undertaken.

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256 Slice Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner.

Part of the Integrated Molecular Imaging Center (IMIC).

The Cyclotron, CT Scanner and MRI are part of IMIC. An Integrated Molecular Imaging Centre is a unique facility for the early diagnosis, treatment and monitoring treatment of cancer. Thus, the centre will be the first public Comprehensive Cancer Centre in the country and the region. This is in line with the World Health Organization standards.

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