Why There’s Nothing To Smile About This International Men’s Day

This International Men’s Day, we have decided not to turn the other cheek for some more battering. It is about time we celebrated men for who they are and the special roles they play in this world. While at it, we will not forget to highlight the numerous challenges that men face, yet they are often swept under the carpet by the society.

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  • Men are arguably one of the most underappreciated creatures on this planet.
  • Have high suicide rates across the world among other mental issues.
  • Face educational challenges at all stages of their lives
  • Men too are victims of violence, including as sexual exploitation, rape, and domestic violence yet these incidences are handled in hush hush tones.
  • The media and beyond often portrays men in a negative light, through biased stereotypes.
  • Men have to walk a tight rope when it comes to the family law.
  • Sexual health stigma.

In light of the above revelation, let this International Men’s Day mark a new journey to not only recognizing challenges men face, but also finding ways to address them.

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