Why Is It Important To Check On Your Breast Health?

Women typically experience some breast changes at different stages of their lives. This could be due to natural biological causes such as pregnancy or menopause or could be an indicator of a breast health issue.

As such, checking on your breast health is critical to staying healthy. Regular breast examinations can help identify and arrest any problems in your breasts, especially if detected early.

See Our Breast Clinic Services

In Kenya, breast cancer is the leading type of cancer, diagnosed with 5,985 to 6,000 new cases and 2,500 cancer-related deaths annually. Your breasts can also be affected by non-cancerous breast changes such as intraductal papillomas or cysts that may require some medical attention.

A Breast Care Center for Early Diagnosis and Treatment

KUTRRH has a comprehensive Breast Care Center that provides healthcare for all breast-related questions and check-ups. The care center has state-of-the-art machines and medical staff who provide quality patient care.

Our Breast Care Center was formulated to help provide an affordable and safe environment for breast-related check-ups, pain, discomfort, rash, discharge, lumps, mastitis, cancer, and other breast concerns.

Why Visit Our Breast Care Center?

  • State-of-the-art machines.
  • Meets the need for all breast-related concerns.
  • Convenient because all the machines are under one roof.
  • Affordable.
  • Onco-plastic surgeon on call.
  • Most insurance covers are accepted.
  • No need for appointments.
  • Pap smear services are also offered.
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