“I think I broke my water,” those panicky words rouse him from sleep like he just got a shot of adrenaline. He dashes to turn on the lights to assess the situation. She’s sitting on the bed still, staring at him with her eyes screaming, WHAT DO WE DO NOW?

He instantly darts to action. With shaky hands, he grabs his phone and dials his taxi driver who unfortunately doesn’t pick up. Suddenly, she lets out a loud yell holding her bulging belly. He helplessly tries to calm her as she gasps for air and writhes in pain.

A minute or two later, she calms down. He grabs this opportunity to rush to his neighbour’s house to ask for help. In between his breathless stammers and tons of sign language, he manages to solicit help to get his wife to the hospital.

After 7 hours of screams, back rubbing, panic attacks, squats, and miles of walking…she finally goes to the delivery room. He doesn’t dare to go in with her. All he does is to linger by, pacing across the hospital hallway like a caged animal pausing expectantly every time the maternity door opens.

Finally, a baby’s cry feels like music to his ears. When he is finally allowed in the room, the mother is warmly cuddling him. She hands the cute little munchkin to him; he can’t help shed a tear of joy!

“Welcome to fatherhood,” a deep familiar voice says. When he turns to investigate, there goes his father bearing gifts and wearing a radiant smile. His father greets him with an open embrace.

As the three generations of men embrace, that is when it hits him. His father has been always there for him. He always calmed his fears, guided, played, corrected, provided, preached, protected him and handled his mistakes with grace. He never complained and expected nothing in return.

At that moment, he feels ashamed that he can’t remember the last time he uttered the words ‘thank you’ to his father.

Let us appreciate our fathers this father’s day. He need not be your biological father. A father is a manly figure who has had a positive impact in your life.

Happy Fathers Day 2020!

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