KUTRRH The Quarterly Newsletter Vol. 2 Edition 2


  • CS Kagwe Interview with Citizen TV on KUTRRH Comprehensive Cancer Care
  • Early Cancer Diagnosis will Soon be a Reality in Kenya
  • COMING SOON: An Integrated Molecular Imaging Centre (IMIC)
  • The Honour of Receiving a Commendation from The President – Alice Mwaura
  • Fueling Digital Transformation with Service Quality
  • The Green Transport System Within The Hospital
  • Specialised Nurses Training at KUTRRH
  • Abnormal Blood Clots and Covid 19: A Patient Perspective
  • A Solution To Medical Oxygen Shortage
  • Taking Healthcare to our Community
  • A Peek into our Library
  • Tackling Oesophageal Cancer: A Collaboration
  • On Research and Clinical Trials
  • Gatundu Hospital Renovations
  • Plasma Therapy: Donate Blood To save COVID-19 Patients
  • New Digital Products for Improved Citizen Experience
  • The Fun Spot – you can’t afford to miss


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