“I was diagnosed with Pulmonary embolism in 2018 in one of the Hospitals here in Kenya but never received medical attention because of the patient backlog at the Hospital.” These were Agnes Muthoni Muchoki’s words after having undergone a successful cardiac surgery at KUTRRH.

Agnes visited the Hospital in April 2023, where she was advised by one of the cardiologists to book an appointment for June to undergo a cardiothoracic surgery having been diagnosed with a heart condition. The patient was not financially prepared, but she was informed that the facility offered treatment to patients who were covered by the NHIF. Agnes used the NHIF medical cover to get medical care noting that the cost was friendly.

From the first portrayal of the surgeons and the way she was handled before being taken to theatre, Agnes said that her hopes of regaining her health were revived. She was very happy with the whole process. Agnes acknowledged the great work of the whole cardio and theatre team that was involved in her journey considering that it only took two months to be attended to, while she could not be attended to in the four years, she had sought treatment elsewhere.

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