KUTRRH First Baby in New Maternity

Congratulations to the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department for the successful delivery of the first baby. The KUTTRH maternity Wing is now operational and features a 5-bed delivery suite, a New-born Unit, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and an Operating Theatre.

We currently run a gynaecology outpatient clinic, which functions purely on a referral model. We accept referrals from:

  • Other health facilities throughout the country and region
  • Our outpatient department
  • Other departments within the hospital

Cancer of the Reproductive Organs Care

We attend to cancers related to the Reproductive Organs, such as Cancer of the Cervix, uterus, and Ovary, on a referral basis. We also provide screening, diagnosis and treatment of the same.

Surgical Treatment

The Obs/GYN department offers various forms of Surgeries, including:

  • Benign Gynaecology such as Fibroids
  • Minimal Access Surgery such as Laparoscopy
  • Surgeries related to the Reproductive Organs of the body

The Maternity Wing

Our state-of-the-art-maternity is now open to offer services on a referral basis to at-risk (complications or medical conditions) pregnant and postnatal mothers.

Deepak Parmar – Obs/Gyn
John Kiama – Reproductive Health
Jackline Nyandia – Nursing

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