Paediatric Heart Surgery at Kutrrh

May 2022 marked another milestone at KUTRRH as the Hospital celebrated the first pediatric heart surgery technically known as patent ductus ateriosus. Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) is a persistent opening between the two major blood vessels leading from the heart. The opening (ductus arteriosus) is a normal part of a baby’s circulatory system in the womb that usually closes shortly after birth. If it remains open, it’s then called a patent ductus arteriosus.
The surgery was undertaken by Dr.Enoch Makori, as the lead surgeon, Dr.Wangui Manguyu, Dr.Isaac Adembesa as the chief anaesthologist and Nurse Samuel Karanu. There are many kinds of heart defects. Some are minor, and others are more serious. Defects can occur inside the heart or in the large blood vessels outside the heart. Some heart defects may need surgery right after the baby is born. For others, a child may be able to safely wait for weeks, months or
years to have surgery. Congenital heart disease is a serious probem in Kenya. The problem as observed in various studies and reports is severe in children who have access to minimal or no healthcare especially in rural areas. Besides limited access to quality healthcare, a shortage of medical specialists in lower level facilities leads to the problem being undiagnosed at the appropriate intervention period.
Paediatric heart surgery services at KUTRRH have not only brought about much needed high quality specialized care to patients seeking pediatric heart interventions but also provided cost relief to patients compared to other facilities providing similar services.

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