first 4-vessel cardiac bypass surgery

On 15th September 2022, KUTRRH marked yet another successful milestone as the hospital celebrated the success of the first four-vessel cardiac bypass surgery also known as Quadruple bypass surgery in the country. The surgery was undertaken by a team of dedicated and well-equipped teams led by Dr. Mishra Bashisth as the lead surgeon accompanied by Dr. James Chege and assisted by a team of nurses and anesthesiologists who were delighted to save the life of a 56-year-old patient.

In many cases, the disease can be treated with medication or lifestyle changes that include (a heart-healthy diet with limits and limited cholesterol) or treated with surgery that is less invasive than quadruple bypass such as angioplasty.

The four-vessel cardiac bypass surgery is performed when the four blood vessels that feed the heart are blocked.
The surgery is needed to re-route blood around the blockages with vessels taken from other parts of the body. Each vessel was replaced with a bypass graft. A unique direction taken during the surgery is the fact that another blood vessel from your body is taken, usually in the leg or arm that is used to do the bypasses that are grafted to the existing arteries that feed the heart muscles.

The heart is like any other tissue in the human body that needs oxygen and nutrients so that it can do its work. The Coronary are blood vessels that supply the heart with blood and at times these vessels are blocked when plaque builds up when the blockages are severe, they can interfere with the blood flow to a section of the heart muscle and cause chest pains.

Chest pains occur during physical exertion. This is because the demand for oxygen is greater and the narrowed blood vessels are not able to meet the increase in the heart muscle needs. If not taken care of, it may lead to heart failure or heart attack.

To prevent coronary heart disease, a gradual increase in exercise is often recommended. Other remedies include
a change of lifestyle including a heart-healthy diet with limits on saturated fats and cholesterol. The Four-vessel cardiac bypass surgery at KUTRRH is an addition to a growing list of cardiac and cardiovascular services available to provide much-needed health interventions.

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