Our commitment to environmental health

26th September 2022 was celebrated as the World Environment Day. To mark the day, KUTRRH through the Public Health department organized a sensitization forum as well as a tree-planting and environmental clean-up exercise under the theme; “Strengthening Environmental Sustainability.”
From the sensitization forum graced by the KUTRRH CEO, Mr. Ahmed Dagane, it was observed that the main goal of the public health sector is to prevent diseases, protect the public and members of staff from environmental hazards and promoting health and education.
At KUTRRH, the Public Health team performs various functions including promotion of health education, disease surveillance, identifying environmental health issues, and participating in research. In his remarks, KUTRRH CEO, Mr. Dagane praised the public health department for the efforts they have taken to ensure a clean environment in KUTRRH and the measures they have taken on the issues of waste disposal and management. The department has also ensured the safe handling of biohazards waste through waste management, safe storage, safe handling, and
safe transportation & treatment. He challenged every staff member to keep the environment at KUTRRH clean.
The Public Health department led those in attendance in a tree planting exercise around the biomedical gases plant area in the continued spirit of conserving natural resources and protecting global ecosystems. This saw dozens of fruit trees planted around the compound. KUTRRH has been on the forefront in efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and the amount of toxin released to the environment. Sustaining a clean and pollution free environment ensures a better for present and future generations. Communities can better their environment by reducing air, water, and soil pollution to ensure long-term economic growth.

The Public health department also led those in attendance in a clean-up exercise within and outside KUTRRH in a gesture of giving back to the community while educating them on the importance of keeping the environment clean.

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